Things to do in Bled

Do you still remember your childhood and magic places of fairy tales? The stories about a small town near the lake in the middle of which is the island with the church? Above the small town there is a steep cliff on which stands a castle, which carefully watches what is happening under it…

This little town, named Bled, is hidden in the heart of Europe, in a small pocket country Slovenia. The city with a rich history lies just before entering the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps. It is best known for its glacial lake, in the middle of which stands the island with the church. The legend says that there is a bell of desire in it, which fulfils the wishes of everyone who calls on him.

The visit to Bled should contain 4 “must do” activities. The fairy tale experience of the city enriches us with typical pletna boat on the island of Bled. Pletna is characterized by a wooden boat for 20 people, usually manned by typical native man’s hand who is in standing position and run pletna boat to the island of Bled and back. The excursion allows us to admire the city from the crystal blue level of the lake. If we are not too loud, even a family ducks or swans may be passing by. The other “must do” activity from the list is certainly a visit to the castle of Bled. From the top of the cliff, a glimpse of the lake and the city give us a completely different experience. For the medieval impression, the arranged surroundings of the castle garden are arranged. Those, who are more curious can also visit a museum, arranged inside the castle.

The third »must do« takes us to the lower hill with the name Ojstrica and rewards us with the most spectacular panorama of Bled, Bled Island, castle, and in the background we can admire the mountain chain of Karavanke. The viewpoint is especially popular with photographers. We can tell you a little hint: the first morning sun light and the last evening rage, the sky above the lake is often stained with pink, orange, and golden yellow… We promise that you will not regret that short, easy hike. And yes, we can show you the way to that stunning view point! There is a marked way with mountain signposts which lead us to this most popular place to take a stunning photo of Bled panorama. Access is not demanding but caution, especially in damp and cold weather, will not be redundant.

If we were performed all of the three “must-do” activities in one day, we can be sweetened by the fourth at the end. The culinary symbol of the town of Bled is certainly a traditional dessert called »kremšnita«. It’s consisting from the butter dough on the bottom, boiled vanilla cream, whipped sweet cream and covered with another crispy layer of butter dough which must be sprinkled with white sweet powder. And we can make moment just perfect if we eat Bled cream cake with a beautiful view of the lake and Bled surroundings. Do not hesitate to ask us for the advice where to taste it in just a right way 😉

That is Bled. In the summer, warm, sunny and playful. It turns into a place where we can cool ourselves in a dark blue fresh lake, city is full of life, nature is tanned in green, and in the evenings music is heard from many locales and bars located around the lake … In winter, the city’s hustle and bustle settles down, a gentle mist straddles the lake and decorates the water level. However, in good weather, the sun’s rays can also be enjoyable. If we are lucky, in a very cold winter, we can walk on the frozen lake all the way to the island. Visit Bled fascinates us in every season, and the range of activities is endless throughout the year.